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Compare your Uncle George...

May have a good camera....but does he know how to use it?
May be a good Photographer...but he is also a GUEST at your Wedding.
May have a good eye.....but did he ever attend any Professional Education Classes on lighting and art?
Attended a few Weddings....but how will he do with the pressure in dealing with other family members....and will the family members listen to Uncle George?
Will Uncle George pay attention to details? Or be in the mens room when the First Dance starts.
Uncle George is doing your Wedding ...as a favor...a Professional Photographer is getting paid.

Compare to Tim Vaughn...

Tim has been a Professional Wedding Photographer for over 30 Years.
Tim has personally photographed over 2000 Weddings in his life time.
Tim has attended MANY training classes on Wedding and Portrait Photography.
Tim is very calm and easy to deal with...is use to the pressure.... knows what has to be done .... pays attention to every detail.
Tim has the specialized equipment needed..and back-ups to do an exceptional job.
Tim is getting PAID to do a job...guests know it...and will listen.